Past Exhibitions


Center424  gallery is located in Belgrade, Serbia, at Prizrenska street number 9.

We are keen to promote international contemporary art and focus on emerging and mid-career artists.

We have three key strands of work, an international artists in residency program, a gallery space, and community outreach work.

Our gallery at Centre 424 is a hub of creative events, ranging from talks, to work in progress sharings, to exhibitions and workshops. We host work by international artists in order to contribute to and develop the artistic scene in Belgrade. We also undertake community outreach by cooperating with other associations, organizations, schools, and universities in the country, trying to improve artistic creativity and connecting different artistic disciplines. We promote artistic creation, develop theoretical thinking and professionally address all issues in this field.

Center 424 is a nonprofit artist-run organization, space for creative exchange, dedicated to cultural cooperation, sharing practices and giving artists space to share their work. Our key objective is to be a platform that promotes cultural development through artistic and cultural practices,  with an active conversation about the importance of science, technology and education. Our central principle is to keep developing an association focused on sustainability, climate change, and ecology. We work with all art forms, and encourage cross collaborative projects. 

Center424 curates artworks for private and public domains and offers art advisory for companies and collections worldwide.

Come to Center424 for exhibitions, art events, meet the artist days, workshops, lectures, presentations… Be part of our club where people from a growing community meet to discuss and share their knowledge. There is a lot more to come at Center 424…
If you want to collaborate or join us and be part of the team please contact us belgradeair@belgradeartistinresidence

Exhibition La Sombra
•Gordana Zikic
•Center424, Prizrenska 9, Belgrade
•Tuesday, 31st August 2021 at 20h


Group Exhibition for the Earth Day


Genevieve Leavold – A pop up exhibition – If Not Now

A Pop-Up exhibition at Center 424 of new works by Genevieve Leavold. Genevieve Leavold is a British Abstract Painter based in Belgrade. Her work is an ongoing exploration of man’s relationship to nature, via internal connections and external. She has exhibited widely in the UK as well as New York and Belgrade. If Not Now will showcase new oil paintings created in the last 12 months.

Bosko Begovic pictures from the opening

Bosko Begovic

Copying= Originality- Exhibition of Drawings

Works present a will to imitate the most appealing styles of drawing and usage of color. The impression of mine is that it fails miserably and at the same time gives the edge to expression. My impulse to imitate is strong, yet I remain a bad imitator.
Hopefully, in the future, you will feel uncomfortable with the motives you ones picked. That might be the only reference to a good work.Text by Boško Begović
Curators Predrag Damjanovic and Gordana Zikic

Genevieve Leavold Exhibition Glimpses
Group exhibition of drawings at Center 424

Group of artists from Belgrade and a guest artist from London.

Exhibition of drawings

Genevieve Leavold and Natasa Kokic, Marija Bjekic, Predrag Damjanovic, Gordana Zikic