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Belgrade Artist in Residence is a program as part of the Center424 non-profit artist-run organization, taking place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It was founded in 2012, and has since hosted various artists from all over the world. Moreover, the program established artist residencies and exchange programs with Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden, with Homesession in Barcelona, Spain, and La Escocessa in Barcelona, Spain. The programs aim to foster cultural exchange between artists from different disciplines, create a dialogue and promote possible collaboration.

Center 424 is a nonprofit artist-run organization, space for creative exchange, dedicated to cultural cooperation, sharing practices and giving artists space to share their work. Our key objective is to be a platform that promotes cultural development through artistic and cultural practices,  with an active conversation about the importance of science, technology and education. Our central principle is to keep developing an association focused on sustainability, climate change, and ecology. We work with all art forms, and encourage cross collaborative projects.

We have three key strands of work, an international artists in residency program, a gallery space, and community outreach work.

As a cultural exchange we seek to grow democratic relations with international artists. Our main thread for this work is to develop international partnerships for artists exchanges. We have hosted an annual exchange of artists between Konstepidemin AIR, Gothenburg, and Belgrade Artist in Residency since 2017, an artists exchange with Homesession, Barcelona since 2018, and in 2019 we started an exchange relationship with La Escocesa, Barcelona. In each of these cases, we host one of their artists, and an artist from Belgrade is hosted in their city.

Our gallery at Centre 424 is a hub of creative events, ranging from talks, to work in progress sharings, to exhibitions and workshops. We host work by international artists in order to contribute to and develop the artistic scene in Belgrade. We also undertake community outreach by cooperating with other associations, organizations, schools, and universities in the country, trying to improve artistic creativity and connecting different artistic disciplines. We promote artistic creation, develop theoretical thinking and professionally address all issues in this field.

Come to Center424 for exhibitions, art events, meet the artist days, workshops, lectures, presentations… Be part of our club where people from a growing community meet to discuss and share their knowledge. There is a lot more to come at Center 424…
If you want to collaborate or join us and be part of the team please contact us

We are looking to collaborate with other like-minded arts organizations in the world. This sustainable partnership could lead to joint art projects and foster the mobility of local talents by way of exchange and promotion abroad/locally. More info

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Virtual Art residency

We are launching also a new model for Belgrade Artist in Residency besides our standard in person artist in residency. 

More about virtual residency:

Virtual Artist Residency for contemporary artists- art research-based

•We will have 4 weeks (+1 extra) of online video conference meetings for 1,5-2 hours each week, scheduled depending on the availability of participants and at the end scheduled video interview session. Meetings include presentations of your previous works, and your current art process as well as discussions and artist talks, showcasing creative practices and behind-the-scenes studio visits, providing constructive input and support moderated by our team members. The online residency is contemporary art research-based and focuses on the art process
It aims to provide cultural exchange, and networking opportunities as a physical residency would, all within the friendly international online group. All documentation from participation at the residency will be presented on our youtube channel, the website (artist page), and our social media such as Facebook, and Instagram.

During the meetings, we can invite guest participants, local and international artists and/or curators to start a conversation, present also their work and establish potential collaboration. Residency engages artists, curators, and art managers who wish to connect and deepen their artistic practice.

This can help you focus on your current art practice, and you can be immersed in developing your project, while also being more connected with other cultural professionals by sharing your ideas.

At the end of the residency, there is a possibility to record an interview with each participant and post it on our Youtube channel, where we already have interviews with previous artists in residence. The interview is optional.

For more information and fee please email us. To apply send an email with your CV, artist statement. letter of intent and portfolio to

Our Youtube Channel

We look forward to finding new ways to connect, interact and find new possibilities for meaningful exchange.

Email us at belgradeair@belgradeartistinresidence

We are members of ResArtis and TransArtists worldwide network of artist residencies