Statute English

“Center 424” (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit association based on indefinite time in order to achieve goals in the fields of art, science, culture, and education.

The goals of the Association are: to work through the art practice of their members to promote cultural change in terms of sustainable, socially ecological processes and act as a platform for the cultural evolution of society and fostering positive lifestyles. The Association realizes goals in the fields of art, science, culture, and education.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association undertakes the following activities:

1. Active involvement in all social actions and through the creative work of its members contributes to the development and improvement of the cultural and artistic scene;

2. Organization of schools, courses, workshops, seminars and other forms of arts education for children, youth and adults;

3. Organizing various artistic events: concerts, performances, exhibitions, multimedia events and the like;

4. Organization of professional visits of domestic and foreign artists on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, but also as a partner of foreign organizations sends artists from Serbia to a professional stay abroad;

5. Protection and improvement of the environment;

6. Developing democratic relations in culture;

7. Cooperation with other related associations, organizations, schools, and universities in the country and abroad aimed at improving artistic creativity and connecting different artistic disciplines;

8. Organizing publishing activity in accordance with the law, which promotes artistic creation, develops theoretical thinking and professionally addresses all issues in this field;

9. Organization of the documentation service for the professional monitoring of the Association, as well as for the collection and processing of artistic and professional literature in this field;

10. Organization of further training of members of associations through courses, seminars, symposiums and other forms of education;

A member can be any person who accepts the goals and Statute of the Association and submits to the Committee a written or oral application for membership.

Membership is obtained by signing an application form.

Membership in the Association ceases:

A Member may withdraw from membership by giving a written statement of withdrawal.

Membership in the Association may cease the prolonged inactivity of a member or activity contrary to the goals and interests of the Association.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association establishes contacts and cooperates with other associations, and other organizations in the country and abroad.

The association can join domestic and international associations, organizations and associations, which the Assembly adopts the decision.

The Association shall obtain funds for work from: membership fees, voluntary contributions, donations and gifts, subsidies, lease funds, auctioning projects with state bodies or foundations and other sources, in accordance with the law.